Existence Community Podcast

The Existence Podcast started at the beginning of Existence SMP Season 2. It generally releases monthly episodes hosted by Existence SMP Community members and a range of guests.

We like to use the podcast to keep community members up to date with current happenings behind the scenes and often talk about the latest Minecraft news and more. Just a casual podcast to listen to while sitting back, relaxing, getting some work done or playing a bit of Minecraft.

Check the latest episodes below, or visit the YouTube playlist

Minecraft LIVE 2023 - First Look 1.21

Episode 40 β€” 31 October 2023

Minecraft LIVE 2023 offered some existing previews into Minecraft 1.21 including the anticipated results of the mob vote, what did you vote for? Join mcpeachpies, Dr Little, Diamondback, ItsPurpleJay, SugarCaney, HowlerGamer and iGalaxy in recapping and the news and updates from Minecraft Live 2023

iGalaxy 1stHowlerGamer SugarCaney ItsPurpleJay Diamondback88 Dr_Little mcpeachpies
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Launching Project Create & The Year to Come

Episode 39 β€” 4 February 2023

All aboard! πŸš‚ Following the launch of Project Create, join us for episode 39 of the Existence SMP Podcast recorded on the move while riding the railroads of our latest modded server. Hosted by mcpeachpies, iGalaxy, ItsPurpleJay and Dr Little, recapping all about Project Create, the latest 1.20 experimental features and what 2023 holds for the Existence Community

Dr_Little ItsPurpleJay iGalaxy mcpeachpies
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Minecraft LIVE 2022 & 1.20's Strange Snapshot

Episode 38 β€” 31 October 2022

This October we've been given a glimpse of what's to come in the world of Minecraft from new games to new updates, so many things with so many curious questions about what Mojang is planning for the future

kindabland mcnugggzs kitkatw321 Dr_Little Yozuli ItsPurpleJay iGalaxy mcpeachpies
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Reunion UHC Recap

Episode 37 β€” 2 August 2022

Once again the legacy members of the Existence SMP Community came together to reunite with a biannual ultra-hardcore battle! Following the events of the UHC, join mcpeachpies, TCMidnite, ItsPurpleJay and ISean recapping the highlights and reminiscing about previous reunions

ISean ItsPurpleJay TCMidnite mcpeachpies
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Why We LOVE The Wild Update

Episode 36 β€” 30 June 2022

The Wild Update had the community concerned, with less features than expected and some outright removed. But now following its release, we've come to love it and everything it's added! Join mcpeachpies, iGalaxy, ItsPurpleJay and returning host Acg1000 in covering our favourite features in 1.19

acg1000 iGalaxy ItsPurpleJay mcpeachpies
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The Wild or Mild Update?

Episode 35 β€” 31 May 2022

Minecraft 1.19 the Wild Update is just around the corner, and for all its amazing features to be added to the game, there seems to be some questions about how true it is to its own title. Once again hosted by mcpeachpies, ItsPurpleJay, iGalaxy with returning guest, Noelle

kindabland iGalaxy ItsPurpleJay mcpeachpies
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Many Things to Come

Episode 34 β€” 31 March 2022

Welcome back to the Existence SMP Podcast, returning to the 2nd Community Server with many things to catch up on since the last episode back in 2020. Hosted by mcpeachpies, ItsPurpleJay, iGalaxy & SugarCaney talking all about the past year, and the many plans for the future

SugarCaney iGalaxy ItsPurpleJay mcpeachpies
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The Year that was 2020

Episode 33 β€” 31 December 2020

This year brought a lot of changes to not only Existence SMP, but the world itself. Join mcpeachpies, Yoglington, ItsPurpleJay, Acg 1000, Duo and Jip in looking back on how our community and lives evolved over 2020 and what 2021 will bring

Jippertje DuoGetsRekt acg1000 ItsPurpleJay Yoglington mcpeachpies
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First look at the CAVE UPDATE!

Episode 32 β€” 5 October 2020

Minecraft LIVE 2020 brought HUGE news for the massively requested Cave Update! Join us in recapping Minecraft LIVE and the first look at what to expect with Minecraft 1.17, the Caves & Cliffs update

Telx Dr_Little ItsPurpleJay iGalaxy kitkatw321 acg1000 mcpeachpies
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Community Focus

Episode 31 β€” 1 August 2020

With the Community Server now open; mcpeachpies, iGalaxy, KSores, & Noelle cover everything that's happened on the new server so far and talk about some awesome plans going forward! As well as talk about the Minecraft mod 'Sodium' and reminiscing about gaming.

kindabland KSores iGalaxy mcpeachpies
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Existence Reunion

Episode 30 β€” 31 May 2020

Since Existence started back in 2016, a lot of people have been apart of the community and servers. This month we came together for an Reunion UHC event and caught up afterwards in episode 30 of the Existence Podcast

TCMidnite ItsPurpleJay mcnugggzs Dashleb DuoGetsRekt Diamondback88 SugarCaney DelltaDragon mcpeachpies
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RTX vs Java Shaders - What's the difference?

Episode 29 β€” 30 April 2020

Minecraft RTX shaders are all the news lately but when it comes down to it, what actually is the difference compared to traditional Java Edition shaders? Minecraft has a lot of new things on the horizon with RTX for Bedrock Edition, Minecraft Dungeons, and the Nether Update!

iGalaxy ItsPurpleJay mcpeachpies DelltaDragon
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Plans for the Future

Episode 28 β€” 31 March 2020

With 2020 underway, changes have started taking place within the Existence SMP Community plus more to come in the future.

KSores SugarCaney mcpeachpies DelltaDragon
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Remember COPPA?

Episode 27 β€” 9 December 2019

COPPA is continuing to confuse and unsettle many content creators and with YouTube Rewind 2019 on track to pass Justin Bieber's "Baby" as second most disliked video of all time, some people are starting to question what the future holds for the platform and its creators.

kindabland TCMidnite Wafflestick mcpeachpies cSandmanTS1
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We're going to Minecraft FESTIVAL!

Episode 26 β€” 31 October 2019

2020 is fast approaching and with it comes Minecraft Festival! Thanks to Past member TC Midnite, a group of Existence Community members plan on attending the festival and meeting up! Also get an look into Minecraft EARTH gameplay with mcpeachpies now that early access has been released in New Zealand

TCMidnite Wafflestick mcpeachpies cSandmanTS1
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Everything MINECON 2019

Episode 25 β€” 30 September 2019

Join the Existence SMP group with returning co-host KSores as they discuss all the latest news from Minecon LIVE 2019 including new features coming to Minecraft, The Nether Update, Minecraft Dungeons, some board game that everyone is very confused about, and much more!

KSores Dashleb mcpeachpies cSandmanTS1 Braden
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Great Odysseys & Bees!

Episode 24 β€” 31 August 2019

Braden, Sandman, mcpeachpies & Vanillaraccoon are joined by returning host KSores to discuss our upcoming adventures and great odysseys planned for 2019, along with how we've handled traveling in the past and meeting online friends for the first time. Also the covering our thoughts on the latest in Minecraft 1.15 bee related news!

KSores Vanillaraccoon mcpeachpies cSandmanTS1 Braden
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Minecraft Earth vs PokΓ©mon GO

Episode 23 β€” 1 August 2019

Minecraft Earth has entered closed beta and we're finally getting a good look at the gameplay, but how does it compare to Pokémon GO?

SugarCaney DuoGetsRekt Vanillaraccoon mcpeachpies cSandmanTS1 Braden
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A YouTubers Insight

Episode 22 β€” 30 June 2019

Vanillaraccoon is joined by TheMundane and Sandman with a collection of interesting questions he has received during his time as a Lyft driver and YouTuber

Vanillaraccoon TheMundane cSandmanTS1
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The TRUTH behind 1.14

Episode 21 β€” 31 May 2019

There's a lot going on with Minecraft right now, 1.14 got off to a rough start, Minecraft turned 10 years old and Minecraft Earth was announced. Luckily our very own Vanillaraccoon recently visited Microsoft studios and has the inside scoop!

Vanillaraccoon mcpeachpies TheMundane Braden KSores
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Welcome to Season 3!

Episode 20 β€” 30 April 2019

Existence SMP Season 3 is here! Join mcpeachpies, The Mundane, Noelle, Sandman, Vanillaraccoon and Yoglington in the newly designed Podcast #20 as they discuss playing on the New Season 3 world with the release of Minecraft 1.14!

Yoglington kindabland cSandmanTS1 mcpeachpies TheMundane Vanillaraccoon
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Announcing The Patreon Server: Project Keystone

Episode 19 β€” 31 March 2019

We are glad to finally announce the development of the Existence SMP Patreon server: Project Keystone. We're celebrating 3 years and discussing the future plans for Existence SMP.

TCMidnite kindabland cSandmanTS1 mcpeachpies TheMundane Vanillaraccoon
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Approaching Next Season

Episode 18 β€” 28 February 2019

With high hopes for 1.14; Season 3 development has begun! Join Sandman, TCMidnite, Telx and mcpeachpies in welcoming VanillaRaccoon and SomebodyToRemember to the Season 3 team

TCMidnite Telx cSandmanTS1 mcpeachpies SomebodyToRemember Vanillaraccoon
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Season 3 Plans for Minecraft 1.14

Episode 17 β€” 31 January 2019

With 1.14 coming up and Existence turning 3 in March, we've been thinking a bit about Season 3. Join Yog, TC, Peach and Sandman as they discuss our ideas for a 3rd Season of Existence as well as the latest 1.14 news and how it effects the server

TCMidnite cSandmanTS1 mcpeachpies Yoglington
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End of Year Wrap-up

Episode 16 β€” 31 December 2018

Looking back on some of the times we've had during 2018 and the past on Existence, as well as some of the latest 1.14 news, Hypixel Hytale, and plans for 2019. Join Noelle, TC, Mundy and mcpeachpies in the last Existence podcast of 2018! Bring on the new year!

TCMidnite kindabland mcpeachpies TheMundane
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Problems Behind the Scenes

Episode 15 β€” 30 November 2018

It's been a busy month for Existence with all sorts happening, join Telx, SBGamut, TCmidnite, The Mundane, mcpeachpies and ItsPurpleJay as they recap some of the happenings from behind the scenes of Existence SMP.

TCMidnite SBGamut Telx mcpeachpies ItsPurpleJay TheMundane
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Our Minecraft 1.14 thoughts

Episode 14 β€” 31 October 2018

Welcome back to another Existence SMP podcast, featuring a discussion on the upcoming Minecraft 1.14 update and its features, as well as Noelle playing the recorder.

TCMidnite Yoglington cSandmanTS1 mcpeachpies kindabland TheMundane
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MINECON Earth & New Phase 2 Members!

Episode 13 β€” 30 September 2018

Join Chrismon, Caney, Yoglington and the new Phase 2 members as they cover all the news and updates to come from MINECON Earth 2018!

Telx Yoglington cSandmanTS1 SugarCaney Chrismon Van TheMundane
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The Beginning of Phase 2

Episode 12 β€” 3 September 2018

1.13 is here and the server has updated. We're neck deep in beginning work on 'Phase 2' of season 2, but what actually is it? Join mcpeachpies, Zipix, Jay & Chrismon as they cover what the future holds for Existence.

Zipix_ Chrismon ItsPurpleJay mcpeachpies
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Why we haven't Updated to 1.13

Episode 11 β€” 31 July 2018

Join mcpeachpies, Pineapple, SugarCaney and our latest member Chrismon to episode 11 of the Existence Podcast! This episode's topics including what we've all been up to and why we haven't updated to the server to 1.13 or started a season 3.

Pineapple Chrismon SugarCaney mcpeachpies
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School is confusing

Episode 10 β€” 1 July 2018

School is confusing, but it only gets worse when you have 4 people all from different parts of the world trying to explain their systems to each other. Join mcpeachpies, Kyle, Duo, and Acg as they try their very best to understand different countries schooling systems.

KSores acg1000 DuoGetsRekt mcpeachpies
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The evolution of the Minecraft Community ft. Waystone SMP

Episode 9 β€” 31 May 2018

Peach and Pineapple are joined by a few members of Waystone SMP & discuss the upcoming UHC and how the Minecraft community has changed over the years and how it drives SMP communities.

Kanelia Wafflestick IAmPhos Naragath Pineapple mcpeachpies
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What's really going on with Existence

Episode 8 β€” 30 April 2018

Join Jay, Caney, Noelle & Acg in episode 8 of the Existence podcast covering all the madness of April including the Minecon earth announcement, impacts of real life on content creation, what's been going on with Existence and more!

kindabland acg1000 ItsPurpleJay SugarCaney
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Reflecting on the past 2 years

Episode 7 β€” 31 March 2018

A lot has happened in the past 2 years not only on the server, but in the lives of all the members over the years.

Pineapple OkiePlays DuoGetsRekt kindabland mcpeachpies Leeyum_exe
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Welcome New Members!

Episode 6 β€” 28 February 2018

Topics including the new members and their future plans, events of February such as the Falcon Heavy launch and more!

kindabland SBGamut acg1000 ItsPurpleJay Zipix_
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The YT Partnership Program, 2018 plans, & Drones!

Episode 5 β€” 31 January 2018

In this episode they discuss the new Youtube Partnership Program, their channel plans for 2018 as well as Existence's plans for 2018 followed by DJI Drone talk with Acg and mcpeachpies.

kindabland acg1000 SkyTUM mcpeachpies
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Video Making, Childhood memories, and Q&A

Episode 4 β€” 31 December 2017

Today we talk about our time making videos during 2017, childhood memories and computer games, as well as answering some questions from fans.

SkyTUM Leeyum_exe mcpeachpies
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Update Aquatic & The Future of Minecraft

Episode 3 β€” 1 December 2017

In this episode we talk all about the future of Minecraft including news from Minecon Earth and the evolution of Minecraft as a community. As well as welcoming new members and talking about the first episodes of the UHC.

kindabland Leeyum_exe Isogravity KSores mcpeachpies
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Better Together?

Episode 2 β€” 30 October 2017

In this podcast we talk all about the Better Together update and the future of Minecraft and Minecraft: Java Edition.

DuoGetsRekt ISean Miles Pernicious SugarCaney
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Life behind the camera

Episode 1 β€” 30 September 2017

The first episode where we talk about what content creation is like behind the camera and in real life.

KSores kindabland Isogravity mcpeachpies
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