Existence Community Server

The Community Server is the core of the Existence Community. Since 2016 our community has grown beyond what any one of us could have imagined, and so the Community Server was started in 2020 for a new era of Existence continuning into 2024


While it is a Community Server, it is whitelisted . Only select trusted members of the community including legacy members, patrons, and known players will be whitelisted on the server.

If you are interested in joining, feel free to make yourself known in our Discord server and have a chat to our members and staff!

The server is running Minecraft 1.20 on PaperMC with a series of plugins including Dynmap !

Visit our Discord and Twitter for the latest news and updates


To keep the Existence Community safe, we have a few guidelines and rules. Please ensure you are familiar with these if you are a member of the Minecraft or Discord server Existence Community Rules & Guidelines

Online Map

The server features an online dynamic map which can be viewed at map.existencesmp.com

The server also features Simple Voice Chat , an optional mod that allows players to communicate via proximity voice chat in-game without the need for other applications!

For help setting this up, please contact one of our Staff & Support Members in Discord


Check out these screenshots of progress on the community server through out the week:


We are running a number of Minecraft Datapacks to enhance gameplay on the server, including packs made by mcpeachpies and team, Gamemode 4, mukitanuki, and from Vanilla Tweaks

  • Existence SMP Handler Main server core and join system Gameplay features:
    • Custom scoreboard tracking and display triggers /trigger [map, elytra, deaths, afk_total, sleep_total, playtime, uptime]
    • Custom team colours and join messages
    • Custom Advancements

mcpeachpies and team

Gamemode 4



Vanilla Tweaks


  • Coordinates HUD
    • /trigger ch_toggle
  • Durability Ping
  • Silence Mobs
  • Track Raw Statistics