Existence Community

Welcome to the Existence Community! We’re an online Minecraft community established in March 2016.

Over the past few years we’ve had 3 primary YouTube based series and are now on our 2nd Community Server , focusing on creating a more open Minecraft community

Social media

Community Server

Following the release of Minecraft 1.16, we have opened our Community Server !

The Community Server is our whitelisted SMP for Patrons and Trusted members of the Existence Community

Check out the trailer below and the server page for more info!

Official Series

Back in March 2016 we launched Existence SMP S1. 4 years later we have had 3 Official series, and 2 Project series

Be sure to visit our YouTube channel for playlists of past series. We are also working on a worlds page with more information about all the different servers and projects during the life of Existence SMP

Our Official series will always be a key part of Existence SMP history. Going forward we will be having a more community-focused content creation environment from our Community Server

Existence Podcast

The Existence Podcast started at the beginning of Existence SMP Season 2. It generally releases monthly episodes hosted by Existence SMP Community members and a range of guests.

We like to use the podcast to keep community members up to date with current happenings behind the scenes and often talk about the latest Minecraft news and more. Just a casual podcast to listen to while sitting back, relaxing, getting some work done or playing a bit of Minecraft.

Check the latest episodes on the podcast page or the YouTube playlist below: